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How do I repair the speaker coil?

Repair of medium woofer: most of the speaker voice coil skeletons are made of aluminum alloy foil. First, heat the voice coil with a hair dryer until the glue softens.Then, use a surgical blade to separate the voice coil from the paper basin along the outer edge of the voice coil.

One of the main components of a trumpet: the voice coil

When the current I passes through the voice coil in the magnetic gap with the magnetic field intensity B of the speaker, the voice coil will receive an electrical force F=BLI(L is the length of the voice coil), and the force direction shall be according to the left-hand rule. Here voice coil is not only one of the factors of the force, but also the recipient of the force, but also plays a considerable role in the size of the force.

How to repair the broken speaker voice coil

First, heat the voice coil with a hair dryer. After the glue softening, carefully stick the voice coil to the paper basin with a thin tool and remove the broken voice coil.
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