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Wire material of the voice coil

Product description
Name of materials Temperature resistance(℃) Character Remark
Low-temperature direct-welding polyurethane enameled copper wire LOCK.W E class 1200℃ Self-melting and applies solvent-bonding method, available for direct welding on low-power speakers General coil, voice coil motor, suitable for low temperature BOBBIN.
Polyester enameled copper wire PESV.W F class 1550℃ Strong resistance to dissolution and abrasion Suitable for any temperature resistant BOBBIN
Polyesterimide enameled copper wire EISV.W H class 180℃ Extraordinary electrical and chemical mechanical properties, but cracks may occur. Suitable for any temperature resistant BOBBIN
Polyamideimide enameled copper wire AISV.W C class 200℃ The resistance to wear, abrasion and refrigerants is higher than that of EISV.W. The overload resistance is excellent. It can be used on the electronic equipment with resistance to wear, and you can rest assured to use it. It is usually accompanied by high temperature bobbins, such as BASV, BKSV, and used on special electrical equipment
PT. W A class 250℃ Strong resistance to wearing, overload, high temperature, and refrigerants, and with a high flexibility Boasting unconventional manufacturing process and usually designed for military and research applications, it is used in conjunction with BAPT, CFPT, BLPT and other high-temperature materials and PT special varnish


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