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Alcohol-soluble polyimide coating

Product description

This product (KSV, TSV, ASV) is made by applying modified polyesterimide resin on the surface of polyimide film, modified polyimide varnished cloth and alloy aluminum, and baked at high temperature. On the basis of maintaining the high performance of the substrate, the product also has the following characteristics including that the surface glue is alcohol-soluble and has sound bonding strength after reheating. It is suitable for making voice coil bobbins, etc.

Polyimide glass varnished cloth (QF2451) is made by impregnating electrical non-alkali glass wire cloth into polyimide resin, and then cyclized at high temperature. It is characterized by heat resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance and solvent resistance, and also has excellent dielectric properties and mechanical properties. It can be used for a long time at the temperature of 200℃. It is suitable for slot insulation and end liner insulation of Class C motors, and is also widely used in special motors of the defense industry.

The modified polyester imide glass varnish cloth (QF2455, QF2456) contains a variety of nano-level inorganic materials, and therefore is not easy to deform at high temperature, has good dimensional stability, and features fast heat dissipation. It is widely accepted by customers in the electronics industry.


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