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Material of voice coil bobbins

Product description

The bobbin material acts as the supporter and fastener in the voice coil. Apply alcohol on a circle of loose alcohol-soluble self-adhesive enameled wire, wind the wire on the bobbin according to a fixed arranging method, and bonded with the adhesive film on the surface of the bobbin.

Bobbin materal’ s property

1. It features rigidity, easy deformation and light weight;

2. Heat resistance, good heat dissipation performance, strong surface adhesion;

Name of materials Model abbreviation Temperature resistance(℃) Thickness specifications(mm)
Heat-resistant aluminum sheet ASV 180 0.03、0.05、0.07、0.08、0.100
Heat-resistant blue aluminum shee DA SV 180 0.10、0.125
Ordinary aluminum sheet ALOCK 130 0.03、0.05、0.07、0.100
Insulated aluminum sheet A WSV 180 0.03、0.05、0.07、0.08、0.100、0.125、0.150、0.200
Heat-resistant dural aluminum sheet 52S SV 180 0.03、0.05、0.07、0.100
Ordinary dural aluminum sheet 52S LOCK 130 0.03、0.05、0.07、0.100
Insulated dural aluminum sheet 52S WSV 180 0.03、0.05、0.07、0.100
Black alumina B.A SV 180 0.08、0.100、0.125、0.150、0.200
Alumina W.A SV 180 0.05、0.08、0.100、0.125、0.150、0.200
Titanium foil Ti SV 180 0.05、0.08、0.12
Film KP SV 180 0.025、0.03、0.05、0.075、0.100、0.125、0.15、0.175、0.20
Black film B.KP SV 180 0.05、0.08、0.125、0.15、0.175、0.20
Varnished cloth Til SV 180 0.05、0.08、0.100、0.125、0.15、0.175、0.20
Yellow varnished cloth Fib SV 180 0.05、0.08、0.200
Yellow varnished cloth Sil SV 180 0.08、0.130
Asbestos paper N SV 180 0.05、0.08、0.130
Temperature-resistant kraft paper Kar SV 180 0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Ordinary kraft paper Kar LOCK 130 0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Impregnated SV paper Impregnated SV paper 180 0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Impregnated LOCK paper  Kra impregnated SV 130 0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Heat-resistant paper tube P SV 180 0.08、0.100
Ordinary paper tube P LOCK 130 0.08、0.100
NOMEX tube N-SP SV 180 0.100、
KAPTON tube Kp-sp SV 180 0.05、0.75、0.100、0.125
KAPTON belt Kp-bl SV 180 0.03
Film glass fiber composite material Kp-GI SV 180 0.14+0.125、0.14+0.175


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