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Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services expected by customers, and befriend with customers. This is the service concept we have always been upholding and living out.

In every step we take, the first awareness comes to our mind is the change of customers’ consumption concept when they are turned from sellers to buyers. Faced with a remarkable line of commodities or services, consumers prefer those with better quality. The quality we talk about is not only the intrinsic quality, but also the packaging quality, service quality, etc. Therefore, we must satisfy the broad requirements of customers as much as we can. We have to study, design and improve our services from the view of customers and consumers instead of ourselves.

1. Improve the service system; strengthen the service before, during and after the sales process, help customers solve problems occurred in the use of our products, and make them feel convenient.

2. Attach great importance to customer opinions, allow customers to participate in decision-making, and regard the handling of customer opinions as an important part of customer satisfaction. Go to great length to retain customers.

3. Establish a customer-centric mechanism. The establishment of various institutions and the change to service processes should focus on customer needs and a mechanism for rapid response to customer opinions should be established.


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