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Reinforcing paper

Product description

After being moistened with alcohol, the glued surface of the reinforcing paper is attached to the glued surface of the bobbin and the joints of the bobbin are overlapped, so that the upper part of the voice coil is enclosed as a whole and the outgoing line of the coil is fixed. Meanwhile, the bobbin wall on the upper part of the voice coil is thickened, and the strength of the entire voice coil is increased.

Material’s property

Heat resistance, sound toughness and easy operation  

Name of materials Model abbreviation Temperature resistance(℃) Thickness specifications(mm)
Temperature-resistant kraft paper Kra SV 150-180 0.03、0.04、0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Double-sided SV kraft paper Kra SV (double-sided adhesive) 150-180 0.03、0.04、0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Ordinary kraft paper Kra Lock 130 0.03、0.04、0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Double-sided LOCK kraft paper Kra L.L (double-sided adhesive) 130 0.03、0.04、0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
Black kraft paper B.Kra Lock 130 0.03、0.04、0.05、0.06、0.08、0.100、0.130
White reinforcing paper Kra Lock/WH 130 0.043
Flower paper S 0Lock 130 0.06
Double-sided LOCK flower paper SL.L(double-sided adhesive) 130 0.06
Black flower paper B.S Lock 130 0.06
Blue flower paper BL.S Lock 130 0.06
Asbestos paperT411 N-411 Lock 130-150 0.13
Asbestos paperT410 N-410 Lock 130-150 0.05、0.08
Heat-resistant insulating paper Cequin 130-150 0.127、0.178、0.254
Heat-resistant insulating paper Tufquin 130-150 0.051、0.063、0.076、0.127
Heat-resistant insulating paper Tufquin-KB 130-150 0.08、0.127
Spunlace-A Sp-A Lock 130-150 0.130、
Spunlace-B Sp-B Lock 130-150 0.100、
Fiberglass cloth GI SV 150-180 0.140、0.180
Fiberglass cloth GI Lock 130-150 0.12
Green paper QK-PLock 130 0.100、0.130



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